Outwitted tactically, outclassed technically, Manchester United are out of the European Cup and what will frustrate Sir Alex Ferguson most is that his team were outfought here last night. How they lacked a dog of war like Gennaro Gattuso, who was at United’s expensive ankles like a ravenous pit-bull.

Gattuso simply refused talents like Cristiano Ronaldo the air to breathe, let alone the space to express themselves, and the best player in the Premiership disappeared. Even United’s lesser lights were hounded into submission by Gattuso. The Italian World Cup-winner went in so hard on Darren Fletcher that he lost a shin-pad, but not the ball.

That was the key. Milan won the ball time and again, and used possession superbly as their fans sang in the rain. Just as the elements threw everything at the contestants, so Milan launched everything at United, seizing the lead after 11 minutes through the imperious Kaka, extending it through the tireless, ageless Clarence Seedorf on the half-hour before Alberto Gilardino got the party really started.

Ferguson’s side were handed a lesson in pass and move, support and shoot: Milan’s football was chess with knives, and United were cut to pieces by Gattuso and company.

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